The Nation’s First Do Good Campus

Transforming Idealism into Impact

inspiring a culture of

philanthropy and social innovation

From orientation to graduation, we will engage the entire student body in initiatives designed to ensure that every student who graduates from UMD will do so informed and motivated to Do Good in their communities and around the world.


This effort builds on the amazing success and impact of the School of Public Policy and its Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, and now expands to every school and college within UMD to touch every UMD student.

THe Institute

The Accelerator

The Challenge

The Do Good Institute


The new Do Good Institute serves as the campus-wide hub of social innovation and as a center of research and thought leadership in philanthropy and social change. From orientation to graduation, the  institute will engage the entire student body in initiatives aimed at ensuring every student will be informed and motivated to “do good” in their communities, both local and worldwide.


 “Do Good” is built on the tenet that learning is not a passive activity, but instead requires active participation and deep, practical application. With this core value, the institute will help develop the next generation of leaders and spur innovation both on campus and throughout our communities.

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The Do Good Accelerator


The Do Good Accelerator is a collaborative space on campus that supports and helps to scale up students' innovative solutions to our world's most pressing challenges. The Accelerator offers a number of training, development and networking opportunities to enable promising nonprofits, projects and socially-minded businesses the chance to grow their reach and impact.


This creative community space provides students with leadership coaching, mentoring opportunities with thought leaders, networking opportunities with local businesses, foundations, nonprofits and NGOs, financial support and training to further their ideas.

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The Do Good Challenge


The annual, campus-wide Do Good Challenge inspires students to take fearless ideas, spark innovative solutions, and create social impact for today's most pressing problems. The Challenge has addressed issues from food insecurity in Prince George's County to providing emergency services to orphanages in Nepal, from climate change to childhood cancer, from medication recovery and delivery to residents in Ghana and Honduras to creating an emergency fall detection device, and so much more.


Students can spend the academic year working to make a difference for the issues, ideas, and people they care about. The Challenge culminates with six teams pitching their project or venture and the impact they've made for the chance to win their share of more than $20,000.



“The ‘Do Good’ Initiative establishes the University of Maryland as a global leader in advancing social change, philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. We believe that our ‘Do Good campus’ will lead to a ‘Do Good world,’ where we will have a positive impact on all of the world’s citizens.”

President Wallace D. Loh

Terps who embody
the “Do Good” Spirit

presenting the next generation of leaders and social innovators

“The Do Good Institute will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. We are reinventing the college experience by producing a new Do Good generation that will produce transformational results in Maryland and around the world.”

Robert Grimm, Director of the Do Good Institute

Our mission of service compels us to address the great societal issues of our time through our unparalleled academic and research enterprise. From climate change to public health, from cybersecurity to global citizenry, we will do good for our communities, our state and our world. This is not merely a campaign for the University of Maryland, it’s a campaign for all humankind.


And that is our Fearless Idea.


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